Week 10

In the final week of my DREU program, we decided to change the survey platform we are using to be able to have more features we want for our study. We also had to put our Django server on AWS and connect that to our survey. We realized that with the new platform, we can significantly improve the survey experience and keep track of many more variables, which we hope will enhance the data we collect in the study.

We also decided on the pilot study questions and design this week and created a final draft of the survey itself to get ready to start the study. As of week 10, we have not begun the user study, so that will be starting after I completed my program at UIUC. Though I will not be directly involved in starting the study and analyzing the results since it is the end of my program, I am really excited to see the results as I will continue to check in with the project group as the research progresses after the conclusion of my DREU program.

It has been a really great experience working with this group, and because of my experiences with this project and research lab, I have decided I want to pursue my PhD in the field of security and privacy and its intersection with human-computer interaction. I am sad that my DREU program is over, but I am excited to continue this work in the future!

Written on August 21, 2020