Week 7

We worked on creating the pilot study this week and finalizing the questions and profiles we will use on it. Choosing and creating the profiles takes a lot longer than any of us had previously thought, but we wrote up the methodology behind creating the base profiles and variations this week to make sure everything is consistent.

This week I also worked on creating my REU Research Showcase video, and I attended the REU Lunch and Learn on Career Paths with a PhD. It was really interesting to learn about the different options and how they compare, both from a post-grad school outlook but also what it means for a graduate student during graduate school. We discussed how people continue deciding their career paths throughout graduate school, and even if they choose one thing after graduating, they may go back to something else, such as academia vs. industry.

Next week we hope to begin the pilot study and then shortly after start to craft the two user studies we now plan to conduct. Hopefully we get some good insights from the pilot study.

Written on July 31, 2020